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 Permits! *Information*

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PostSubject: Permits! *Information*   Permits! *Information* Icon_minitimeWed Dec 28, 2011 9:29 pm

We also have interrogated the use of permits for companies and residential sector use.

Construction Permits:
- Businesses building public investment property, restaurants, hotels, etc.
- Contractors Permit (Residential) (Houses and stuff)
- Contractors Permit (Business) (Buildings, Hotels, apartments, shops and stuff)
- Company Contractor, Allows anyone employed by the company to perform contracts Residential or business, with the company getting paid and then paying the contractors working for it.

Mining Permits:
- Company Buying and Usage of TNT (Strongly Regulated)
- Mining as a company with employees, pass mine inspection
- Mine locations approved by government

Big Business Permits:
- Company Registration, (Company Name, what you do, Starting Money, Trademark, Central Head Quarters, open company treasury deposit box)
- Manufacturing and Selling TNT (Strongly Regulated!)
- Building, buying, and selling, Enchanted tables and tools
- Building, buying, and selling, safe potions (public library)
- Contracts for government must go through Ghost

Residential Sector Permits:
- Building, and using Enchanting tables. (public library, can not be used for profit gains, personal use only)
- Building and using potions (public library, can not be used for profit gains, personal use only, you )
- Buying and using dangerous potions (self protection for things like mining, home invasions etc, Strongly regulated)
- Diamond Weapons, Buying, making, or selling to general stores (Self Protection, Home Invasions, Mining, going in the wild) (Strongly Regulated)
- Contracts for Government must go through ghost, (Can do small jobs)

Military Related Permits:
- Manufacturing Diamond Weapons, Bows and Arrows
- Selling Diamond Weapons, Bows, and Arrows
- Manufacturing, Using, Selling, and buying Enchanted Weapons
- Manufacturing, using, selling, and buying dangerous potions (requires Rank 5 Potion making, Provided by Rulerofworlds)
- PMC's Private Military Companies (Strongly Regulated)

Potion Making and Enchantment training:
- Rank 1-5 potion making is 50,000$ per class/training session
- Rank 1-5 Enchantment 500$ Per class/training session
- Each Class must be tough by Rulerofworlds, confirmed by ruler, and the government.
- Materials will be provided by Knight Inc and other competing company's. Certain materials can only be provided by the government due to the rarity of the materials and unable to get them.

We will add on to this list as we get things more organized. We will also add the prices for these permits as well, so keep your self updated!

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Permits! *Information* Tumblr10
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PostSubject: Re: Permits! *Information*   Permits! *Information* Icon_minitimeThu Nov 07, 2013 10:53 am


Read over the rules to refresh your self Smile

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Permits! *Information*
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