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 EC Minelife Rules, Laws, and Information

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PostSubject: EC Minelife Rules, Laws, and Information   Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:37 am

Here is a list of server rules for our roleplay server. If you want to just build, join our other server. (other server) (role play server) *AKA* -=]EC[= Minelife-

-=]EC[color=orange]Our server is now open to anybody who bought the game or not.

You Must be on our Teamspeak 3 Server when playing on our RP Server!



0. To play on this server; you must be on our Teamspeak 3 server!!!!!
1. You must read the laws before joining the server.
2. No griefing what so ever, its ban able, and that includes putting things on others property such as a button, or lever, etc!
3. Do not rob anybody offline!
4. Don't go overboard on robbing, take one or 2 things then leave And don't take anything nailed down, really big, or really expensive.
5. Don't rob the bank without a guard on duty, do not break into it either! Use a Ender Pearl to get in and out.
6. No admin will ever spawn anything for himself or for anyone else. Except for the government, which comes out of taxes. (Ghostunitvii)
7. Don't murder for no reason, This isn't death match!
8. No modified .Jar files, no cheating etc.
9. Contracts with the government can only be made through Ghostunitvii.
10. Buildings must have doors.


updated: 12/25/2011

List of the following Rules.

---- YOU MUST POST IN THIS SECTION REQUESTING TO GET WHITE LISTED ---- Permissions mods not updated, until then whitelist enabled.

- Do not abuse mistaken permissions, if something is wrong report it please, thank you.
- No GRIEFING we can record blocks now, including changes in blocks.
- No random block placement, if you want to go somewhere find another way, like the tracks for example. STOP making bloody towers to get on the tracks.
- Gamemode 1 is not permitted unless approved by admin. (rare) you can have game mode 1 but you will be chaged based on the size of the project and how large it is, the funds will go towards the company who is contracted for the work to supply the materals. The company cannot be your own.
- TNT usage to a minimal, use it in town, is a automatic KOS by town security forces. (IF tnt mod isnt in place) if the mod is down, then TNT will be heavily restricted and monitored for its usage.
- No chat spam
- No sex in public
- Please dont annoy the admins or me thank you.
- be cool.
- cannot rob a person who is offline or inactive
- dont build random buildings please, unless its FAR FAR away.

List of laws (in effect) (still being edited)

- Cutting down large trees (Fined from 500k to 20mil)
- Walking on rails (Fined 1st offence 1000, 2nd 5000, 3rd 20000, 4th jailed (10mins) and fined 100000, repeated beyond 4th is doubled sentence)
- Cutting down trees on private or government properity (considered as griefing 2hour jail time)
- breaking into a house (jailed and fined of what they owed of what was stolen, then forced to return item)
- In the power plant (jailed for 5 mins)
- assaulting an civilian (jailed for 10 mins)
- assaulting an officer (set as wanted, jailed if cought for 10mins)
- assaulting an soldier (kill on sight no questions asked)
- assaulting an admin (non-roleplay kill) kicked off server
- crossmineing (not allowed at all) (jailed for 24 hours unless they pay for that property)
- Military Provided armor stays in barracks same for police armor stays in the police station or kiosk.
- Diamond is now price regulated by the government due to the amount in the market.
- Government Provision shops are for Store owners only!
- Permits require for the following
-Tesla coils
-Small shop
-Food Court Shop (new)
-Large Business
-Diamond (military grade armor and weapons)
-Usage of FOS RO DAH in city limits... (new)
-Able to use pots or make them
-Able to use enchant table or use

- pay your employes fairly or be fined this is not a sweatshop.
- do not use "i took an arrow to the knee" as an excuse to be a guard... Go see a dam doctor...

Laws (currently not in effect)

- Usage of TNT regulated.
- Usage of Bedrock denied
- Diamond tools regulated
- Iron Sets Regulated
- (name of item here) Price is regulated due to (reason) by the government.



*. Any type of stores and banks may not make any transactions of money at night and must be closed, this does not stop anyone from mining, farming, stocking their stores, etc.
*. Potions are not to be used created, used, or sold without a permit! Permit costs $50,000 from public library!
*. Enchantments are not to be created, sold, or used without a permit from the public library!
*. Residential stuff does not need a registered thing to mine, farm, ranch etc, as long as they have no employees, but may higher contractors.
*. All Company's must be registered with the government, pay taxes, have a company bank account at treasury and can not use the money but for salary or for the further advancement of the company.
* Property within government protected towns, villages, cities, etc must be bought from the government, and are taxed, and you will have property lines.
*. All buildings must pass inspection, no dirt floors, no floating things, needs a structure and support. (Can be fined, shutdown, Etc)
*. Do not rob any stores, or the bank, as it simulates our market.
*. Must Post a no trespassing sign, kill on sight if your going to kill someone legally in that fashion.
*. Mark your property line somehow.
*. Diamond weapons need a permit from the government.
*. TNT can only be made, sold, bought, or used by a with either a sellers, manufacturers, or mining company with a permit (Cost 40mill)


Also Integrated in our server, we do have a jail for all you lawbreakers out there, and you must serve your time, any attempt to breakout will be considered greifing, unless you have someone hold up the police to let you out or something.



Jail Times:
- Murder- 3 game days, and it stacks!
- If you murder, your wanted by the game admins, police, and bounty hunters, they will either kill you and you will loose everything on you and put you in jail taking and burning your weapons on you. Jail time is 3 full in-game day, sunset sun rise, for murder. It adds up too! (3+3+etc) Your items are saved in the evidence room.


We use a jail mod, full list of commands here:

The full list is under construction.



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PostSubject: Permits   Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:37 am

We also have interrogated the use of permits for companies and residential sector use.

Construction Permits:
- Businesses building public investment property, restaurants, hotels, etc.
- Contractors Permit (Residential) (Houses and stuff)
- Contractors Permit (Business) (Buildings, Hotels, apartments, shops and stuff)
- Company Contractor, Allows anyone employed by the company to perform contracts Residential or business, with the company getting paid and then paying the contractors working for it.

Mining Permits:
- Company Buying and Usage of TNT (Strongly Regulated)
- Mining as a company with employees, pass mine inspection
- Mine locations approved by government

Big Business Permits:
- Company Registration, (Company Name, what you do, Starting Money, Trademark, Central Head Quarters, open company treasury deposit box)
- Manufacturing and Selling TNT (Strongly Regulated!)
- Building, buying, and selling, Enchanted tables and tools
- Building, buying, and selling, safe potions (public library)
- Contracts for government must go through Ghost

Residential Sector Permits:
- Building, and using Enchanting tables. (public library, can not be used for profit gains, personal use only)
- Building and using potions (public library, can not be used for profit gains, personal use only, you )
- Buying and using dangerous potions (self protection for things like mining, home invasions etc, Strongly regulated)
- Diamond Weapons, Buying, making, or selling to general stores (Self Protection, Home Invasions, Mining, going in the wild) (Strongly Regulated)
- Contracts for Government must go through ghost, (Can do small jobs)

Military Related Permits:
- Manufacturing Diamond Weapons, Bows and Arrows
- Selling Diamond Weapons, Bows, and Arrows
- Manufacturing, Using, Selling, and buying Enchanted Weapons
- Manufacturing, using, selling, and buying dangerous potions (requires Rank 5 Potion making, Provided by Rulerofworlds)
- PMC's Private Military Companies (Strongly Regulated)

Potion Making and Enchantment training:
- Rank 1-5 potion making is 50,000$ per class/training session
- Rank 1-5 Enchantment 500$ Per class/training session
- Each Class must be tough by Rulerofworlds, confirmed by ruler, and the government.
- Materials will be provided by Knight Inc and other competing company's. Certain materials can only be provided by the government due to the rarity of the materials and unable to get them.

We will add on to this list as we get things more organized. We will also add the prices for these permits as well, so keep your self updated!

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Clan Tag : =]EC[=
Posts : 74
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PostSubject: Re: EC Minelife Rules, Laws, and Information   Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:40 am

We now use a currency mod instead of these items which no longer hold currency value.

How to's (commands)


Check how much Money you got: /money

Pay Someone: /money pay theirMCname amount
-example: /money pay knightriderec 9000



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PostSubject: Re: EC Minelife Rules, Laws, and Information   

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EC Minelife Rules, Laws, and Information
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