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 SniperBelle101 Application

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Clan Tag : [ECC]
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Join date : 2015-12-10

PostSubject: SniperBelle101 Application   Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:45 pm

First Name:Belle

Aliases (player names): Too many to remember


Location In the World: USA

Skype(Username)(Not required but recommended): isabelle581999

Steam(Username)With link from Steam.com: 99goalgirl

Further means of contact, The more the better: Through Scott

Do you have Discord?: no but will obtain

Mic? yes or no: yes

List the top games you own & play: WOW, Minecraft, Terreria, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

How did you find us?: Scott

Previous Clans: NA

-If so why did you leave your last clan:

Why do you want to join our clan:

Tell us something about yourself:

Anything else You want to add?:

Did anyone Recruit you? If so Who?: Scott

Will you join our Discord server whenever possible?: Yes

Do you fully understand and agree to abide by all of our Clan Rules: Yes

If you are inactive in the forums or Discord for a period of one month you'll be notified then put on a leave of absence until you notify a member of staff upon your return.
Do you agree and understand this?: Yes

Do you think that you have filled out the above honestly and to the best of your ability: Yes

By applying to join Easy Company, do you agree to wear our clan tags =]EC[= in any game,server, and program that you use if accepted: Yes
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Clan Tag : =]EC[=
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Join date : 2012-09-13
Location : United States

PostSubject: Re: SniperBelle101 Application   Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:07 pm


116 Unashamed
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Clan Tag : =]EC[=
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Join date : 2014-02-27

PostSubject: Re: SniperBelle101 Application   Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:25 pm

Congratz Bella you have been accepted to the clan. You're now an Initiate! After a period of two weeks without any major infractions you'll be given the Full member Rank.

Go ahead and read about our clan rules and rank information plus more here: http://easycompanyec.forumotion.com/t730-clan-rules-1

If you ever have a problem with anything, and wish that you or the problem stay private from the rest of the clan, contact someone in administration. They are the names with red, dark blue and light blue names, they will treat you with respect, and handle your problem in total secrecy, telling no one without your permission.

The more you participate with us on Discord, Steam, forums, and in game; the faster people will know you in Easy Company.

Wear those =]EC[= tags with pride !

Viva la EC!
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PostSubject: Re: SniperBelle101 Application   

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SniperBelle101 Application
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