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 =]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server)

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=]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server) Empty
PostSubject: =]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server)   =]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2014 9:20 am

=EC= RP Minelife Rules. (Role Play)

Welcome to the FTB Role-playing rule page, the rules are quite simple, and straight forward so if you fail to understand them please notify the staff members that are active in the Easy Company Forums or Teamspeak. Failure to comply to the rules may result from removal from Easy Company, or the inability to participate in further MineLife Servers.

Rules for Civilian Population. (This applies to everyone as well)
1A. No griefing (1 warn, 1 kick, ban for 3 days, ban perm)
2A. No stealing Unless you are role-playing as a thief, otherwise... no (3 warn, 2 kick, 3 day ban)
3A. No disrespect anyone, and I mean ANYONE. (2 warnings, ban 3 day, ban perm)
4A. Keep chat rated PG-13 please (3 warnings, 3 kicks, 3day ban, Perm Ban)
5A. Follow Permit Rules, Permits will be provided below in its own section. (fail RP = kick/1day ban. No exceptions.)
6A. Nukes are off limits, this includes IC2 reactors (No exceptions, cleared of inventory with no compensation, failure to comply to rules will result in a week ban, after that it will be perm) So Ozone you can finally stop asking GhostUnitVII a Billion questions about it, its off limits.

Rules for Police/Military/Government Service Police or GSP
1B. Creative mode is off limits, if caught you will be removed of OP, and de-ranked, continuing usage of creative can result in a ban. This can be overruled by rule 2B
2B. Creative Mode can be paid for 1 day usage for 1,000,000 credits, but the more you pay for, the more the tax will be. each Payment increases the tax by 25% so your second payment would be 1,250,000 after that and so on.
3B. If you were to "Arrest" a citizen, then it is your duty to allow him to trial, a company is allowed to have a representative appointed to the guilty party, the Judge will be GhostUnitVII because he represents the current government inside ECMineLife, the 2nd would be Shade or Nuke that is if they had no direct relation to the Crime what so ever, this includes arresting him. (this is subjected to be changed as the government may change as well)
4B. Only Head Gov can produce infustrure systems such as water/utilities/and gas(Lava). Corporations can use these Utilities and resell them, but they pay a fee per week. Corporations are however allowed to build their own power-source, but must be tapped into the UE-Power Grid (United Element Power Grid) either by the source, or by branch.
5B. Admin abuse will be treated harshly... If provided with evidence, the admin may face removal of adminship off Minelife servers. Without evidence, the admin will be warned 7 times, after the 7 times the Admin will be set on probation, 1 more warning during probation will remove him off admin list for a week, after being reinstated the admin will still be on probation but if warned once more the admin powers stay off, and will become a Civilian, your house that you had as a Admin would be repossessed by the Government and be sold to the highest bidder in the game other than yourself. (no exceptions)
5B-A Admin Abuse is considered to be spamming excessively, even during your creative mode.
5B-B Admin Abuse is also Killing Civs without a reason, giving them items, randomly placing blocks, griefing, unlawful arrest, staying in god-mode, and staying in gamemode even after the 1day period has expired.
5B-C Admin Abuse is also being Unfair, and Unfit to command the sever, failure to comply to admin abuse rules will result in complete removal of Admin powers if repeatedly offended, or proven by other admins or players.

Head Gov Rules.

1C. Only build infrastructure buildings (gov buildings/and utilities)
2C. Provide contracts to companies that are fair, and needed.
3C. Do not commit Admin Abuse.
4C. Does not involve himself in RP matters, Unless is under attack by a faction that wants to remove the head government, then the head Government must Role-play and leave gamemode 1 as he/she may also defend its self by all means necessary.
5C. Assign Task to lower branches of the government.

General Rules To Equipment

1D. Items that can potentially cause great amount of lag such as Redstone Lagswitches (A switch in a rapid repeat motion) would be deemed as Griefing
1D-A. Items include the following...
Super Large Trees (avoid Specialized Saplings)
IC2-Nuclear Reaction
and more items to come...

1D-B. If you want a IC-2 Reactor setup please seek certified nuclear specialist and acquire a permit (Permits Will be posted on the forums) to use. Otherwise it will be deemed as Terrorism and you will be arrested accordingly to roleplay, if it was an intentional to grief around the spawn or anywhere near it, will be deemed as Griefing.

These Rules may change in the near furture, but this is currently the bases.

If you disagree please post why, and ill get on it.

Thank you

=]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server) Unknow10
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=]EC[= MineLife FTB Server Rules (RolePlay Server)
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